Do you have any DVDs, or CD’s taking up space in your home?

Thinking of downsizing your collection or having it removed all together?

What ever you do, PLEASE don't throw your media in the garbage where it will clog up our landfills. 

If you're thinking of donating your collection to a charity, Goodwill or Salvation Army, please know that a large portion of the media you donate will still end up in landfills. While your heart is in the right place when you donate, there's always a percentage of a collection where discs are scratched, skip, missing, sticky, cracked etc. Unfortunately, untrained eyes assume these are unplayable and therefore your charity simply tosses those discs and cases into the garbage. offers a wonderful alternative..

CDreview acts as a bridge between you and the company you wish to donate to.  We will come to you and remove your unwanted media. We'll then sort through your DVDs, CDs, Blu Rays, and Video Games to find distressed titles and save them from getting tossed in the garbage by repairing and restoring them. For media that's too damaged to repair we separate the discs, inserts and cases so they are properly Recycled.

We do not charge for our services.

We do this because we want to play a role in protecting our landfills and help reduce our carbon footprint. We do accept financial donations, which of course is completely voluntary, and we also support ourselves by selecting titles from donated collections in order to resell. What we don't select from donated collections, we'll complete the donation process for you by donating what we've restored and what we didn't pick out to the charity of your choice or the local Goodwill. We'll donate it in your name and send you the necessary documentation from the charity or Goodwill so that you'll be able to claim it as a taxable donation. 

This means that we'll contact your charity to schedule a pick up or make the drive to the Goodwill to deliver your donation. By working with us, you'll bypass having to spend your valuable time or lift heavy boxes.

We do the work and you get the credit.

NO LIFTING OR BOXING REQUIRED: You don't need to do anything except show us what shelves, or room, need to be cleared out which is very helpful for the elderly, disabled, landlords, property managers or just anyone with limited time on their hands.

If you were already thinking of donating your collection, let us help you do it in a manner that's more environmentally friendly than just driving it to the local Goodwill.

We make house calls or you may arrange a drop off here in Hamilton, NJ.  Our mission is to help remove and restore DVDs, CDs, Blu Rays and Video Games in order to help our community. We're happy to help remove and donate non-disc media for you such as books, records, cassettes and VHS; however, we ask that a reasonable amount of your collection be disc media so that we can accomplish what we set out to do which is keeping media out of landfills by restoring as much "Disc Media" as possible and then properly Recycling the rest..  

Help us save the planet... One CD (or DVD) at a time...  >> Lean More

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING for large (or small) collections and will travel to Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey. We're willing to travel further depending on your collection and needs. We've traveled as far as Ohio and Florida in order to save some wonderful collections from landfills.

We regularly remove collections from estates, overstock from record labels, stores, distributors  and every day people who simply have more media than can fit on their shelves.

In many cases, people are moving, have a child going off to college or have a family member that has passed away. All situations where people look for the best way to remove or downsize their media collection. We're here to help you manage the process in the most echo friendly way possible.

TO HAVE YOUR MEDIA COLLECTION REMOVED : Please call or email us to schedule a house call appointment. You can reach us by phone (609 689 1711) or email  [ mymedia (at) ]


I LOVE WHAT YOU'RE DOING BUT DON'T HAVE ANY MEDIA TO DONATE AT THIS TIME.  IS THERE A WAY THAT I CAN DONATE MONEY TO HELP YOUR PROGRAM CONTINUE TO PROTECT OUR LANDFILLS? : >>> Yes ...  Please...  Most of what we do is a labor of love but unfortunately it does costs a good deal of money to be able to offer our free service. You can help us immensely by donating any amount that you're comfortable donating. No amount is too small or too big.  Funds are used to help minimize the amount of collections thrown in to the garbage or donated before removing damaged media, which in the end gets thrown into the garbage.   There are costs involved in restoring media so that it can be enjoyed once again and there are costs involved with preparing damaged media so that it gets recycled properly. 

To make a quick donation, please click on this Paypal link

Thank you for any amount that you can give.  Your donations help us to help others reduce their carbon footprint.

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