Do you have any DVDs, or CD’s taking up space in your home?

Thinking of downsizing your collection or having it removed all together?

Give me a call or send me an email..  I regularly buy and or remove collections from estates, overstock from record labels, stores, distributors  and every day people who simply have media taking up space.

I'm always looking for large (or small) collections of "Disc Media" and will travel to Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey. I'm willing to travel further depending on your collection or I can work with you in order to have your collection shipped to NJ.

I offer fair prices for "Disc Media Collections" - DVDs, CDs, Blu Rays, and Video Games.  I do not actively pursue Vinyl, VHS, Cassettes or Books; however, I'll consider them if they are part of an estate collection and you'd like to have them removed.

Let's Talk...
: Please call or email me to schedule a house call appointment.
You can reach me by phone (609 689 1711) or email  [ ]

I look forward to hearing from you

Scott Clark
Vintage Media Geek