Do you have any DVDs, or CD’s taking up space in your home?

We buy and or remove media collections. We make house calls or you may arrange a drop off here in Hamilton, NJ. We can buy or help remove DVDs, CDs, Blu Rays, Video Games, Books, Records, Cassettes, and VHS. Please note that we just offer price quotes for DVD, CD, Blu Ray, and Video Game collections. We can only help in removing and finding homes for the other media formats.

Sure, we love collections in well-kept condition; however, we also have a soft spot in our heart for distressed collections as well. CDreview has a "Repair to Share" program created to help keep media discs out of landfills.

Help us save the planet... One CD (or DVD) at a time...  >> Lean More

By sorting through collections, we're able to pull out damaged media, restore it and give it a second life. This allows us to give more of your old media a good home by either reselling it or donating it to community-based organizations such as Libraries, Halfway Houses, Goodwill / Salvation Army, etc. - For media that is to far gone to save, we properly prepare so that it all can be recycled instead of thrown into a landfill. >> Lean More

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING for large (or small) collections and will travel to Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey. We're willing to travel further depending on your collection and needs. We've traveled as far as Ohio and Florida in order to save some wonderful collections from landfills.

We regularly purchase or remove collections from estates, overstock from record labels, stores, distributors  and every day people who simply have more media than can fit on their shelves.

In many cases, people are moving, have a child going off to college, dealing with a divorce or have a family member that has passed away. All situations where people have no idea on what to do with their media.

We will come to you and buy as much as we possibly can. In some cases, we will take everything – what we can pay you for and what we cannot. Either way, WE move the media, WE will transport it and pay you on the spot.

NO LIFTING OR BOXING REQUIRED: You don't need to do anything except show us what shelves, or room, need to be cleared out which is very helpful for the elderly, disabled, landlords, property managers or just anyone with limited time on their hands.

TO SELL OR HAVE YOUR MEDIA COLLECTION REMOVED : Please call or email us to schedule a house call appointment. You can reach us by phone (609 689 1711) or email  [ mymedia (at) ]

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