Create, launch and manage your own specialty CD program.

CDreview is a bridge between independent music
and mass retail through innovative distribution.

Creating The Product:
CDreview is a full service product development team that helps companies create, launch and manage their own private labeled line of CDs for promotional or specialty retail purposes.

Whether you are looking to enhance brand presence, or produce a whole new product line, we are able to capture the spirit of your market by using the magic of independent music.

We create specialty CDs that are used for promotions, give-aways, premiums, charities, and retail in specialty markets such as coffee houses, cafes, restaurants, hotels, spas, boutiques, clubs and book stores.

Example of a custom product line.
From the Music, CD covers,
Display and Fulfillment.

The Presentation: - Displays that command premium retail space.
If you are creating CDs for retail, we also own

We understand the wide variety of production processes involved in creating displays. We also create shippers that allow products & displays to arrive safely and in style to retailers.


Once your new product has been created we can send it on its way to you or you can take advantage of our warehouse and fulfillment services.

We provide both short term and long term warehouse solutions and pick, pack and ship your CDs, CDs & Displays, or just displays.

Use us to process premium redemptions by mail or to send out single orders in bulk. Whatever your fulfillment requirements are, we will do our best to adapt to your needs.

 The End Result:

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with multiple companies in order to achieve one goal.  This is why we created a company that offered product creation, packaging, brand presentation and fulfillment all under one roof.

We do this as a silent partner so your customers will think that you did all the hard work.  We can use your artwork for the CDs or we can create artwork with you.  It's all a part of our mission to make your life as simple as possible.

With CDreview, you can easily create, launch and manage a private labeled specialty CD program.

To learn more about working together, please contact us with your needs.

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