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We Help Downsize Media Collections

We buy, consign, sort, restore, donate and recycle CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Records, Reel to Reels, Cassettes, Books and so much more. Let us help you downsize your media collection in a way that's good for the planet, good for the community and good for you.

Give a call: (609) 689-1711 or...

Good For The Planet...

We restore damaged media to increase the value of your collection and reduce what goes into landfills.

Good For Others...

We offer programs that provide media to seniors, displaced families and those that are less fortunate.

Good For You !!! 

Not all media is created equal and we know this.  Let us sort through your collection to maximize its value.

Do you have DVDs, CDs, or other types of media taking up space in your home?
Thinking of downsizing your collection or having it removed all together? 

Give us a call or send us an email. We regularly buy and or remove collections from estates, record labels, stores, distributors, libraries and everyday people who simply have media taking up space.

We know that every collection is unique which is why we love helping people discover what they have.  Due to condition and demand we can't promise to "buy" everything; however, we can certainly give solutions that will maximize the value of your collection and provide options for the rest that will truly help the environment and the people around us that are less fortunate. 

Here's a snap shot on how we approach a media collection

- Sort to maximize the value of your collection
- Buy or help you sell your media collection.
- Restore damaged media to increase value and save from landfills.
- Donate to help the less fortunate
- Recycle what can't be preserved.

Our mission is to help preserve physical media for the next generation of movie and music enthusiasts.

We’re happy to make house calls or you’re more than welcome to make an appointment and bring your collection to us. We're just as excited to look at handful of titles as we are to dive into a filled warehouse.  

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