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Saving the planet... One CD (or DVD) at a time...

Did you know that a large portion of the media you donate still ends up in landfills :(

While your heart is in the right place when you donate, if the discs that you're donating are scratched they simply won't play and therefore get tossed into the garbage by the next person who discovers your CD or DVD can not play.

CDreview has a "repair to share" program created to help keep media discs out of landfills.  By sorting through collections, we're able to pull out damaged media and give it a second life. Normally a 30 second clean or a fresh case is all that's needed to keep DVDs, CDs, Games and Blu Rays out of landfills.

For media that's to far gone to repair, we properly prepare for recycling. Unfortunately you can not just hand media over to a recycling center. Media needs to be broken down and sorted into recyclable types. This is one of the main reasons that CDreview exists.  It's a labor of love that we do in order to leave our planet as green as possible for our children.

Most people don't have the time or resources to process this part of a media collection but it's something that we take great pride in offering.

To give you a better understanding of the process, please watch this video.

This allows us to give your old media a good home by either reselling it or donating it to community-based organizations such as Libraries, Halfway Houses, Goodwill / Salvation Army, etc. I
f we can't then we process your media so that it stays out of landfills.

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