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Please call or email us to schedule a house call.
You can reach us by phone (609 689 1711) or email  [ mymedia (at) ]

Please be kind enough to attach some photos so that we can see what your needs are. This will make it easier to discuss a plan for removal and logistics.

Please include in your email. (along with photos)

An estimate on how many you have of each...

CDs ____________

DVDs ____________

Blu Rays ____________

Video Games ____________

NON Quoteable Media that we can still remove, find a home for or properly dispose of for you.

Records ____________

Cassettes ____________

VHS ____________

BOOKS ____________

Magazines ___________

Other: ____________  >>  Let us know if you have other media such as 8 track, Reel to reel, Slides, Maps, etc.
Within reason, we try and take everything that you want removed.

>>>  If you're an estate, we're also happy to look at items outside of your media collection and let you know if we're able to offer a quote or removal service for you.

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