>>> Home was established in 1999 and played an intricate roll in marketing, distributing and warehousing media from major studios down to small independent artists and labels.

The services we offered helped build some wonderful relationships with both artists and independent retailers, primarily used "family owned" record and video stores. ~ Remember those awesome family owned video rental stores?

Our main focus was managing relationships between artists and stores; however, having studios ask us to destroy and discard overstock music and movies was a task we were asked to do quite often. In addition to this, being asked to clean and restore used inventory was something asked of us by many family owned stores that partially stocked their store with CDs and DVDs purchased from walk in customers and estates.

The digital revolution began to take hold around 2003 and by around 2005 many of our friends found themselves feeling the effects financially. 

At first we stepped in to help a few indie studios by buying out their overstock. This made sense to us because we had the channels to move product and it helped keep our "indie studio" friends above water.  As time ticked on, a "few" friends became more friends and we started to acquire a rather sizable media collection. ~ Yes, I'm sharing some sarcastic humor there. :)

Around 2008 a shrinking demand for physical media, combined with the stock market crashing, crippled a good amount of small store owners. Financially, we were ok since our core revenue streams weren't from actual media sales. In fact grew fueled by a growing demand to destroy and discard overstock on the studio side and a surge in restoring media as independent stores came into a surplus of used media from people feeling the pressure of the stock market and hoping to sell off their CD / DVD collections. (Those were some crazy times).

Sadly around 2010, the growth of digital media combined with the market crash / bad economy was too much to handle.  Many video rental stores, including the king of them all "Blockbuster", and many small CD stores that  sold mostly distributor direct media ran into some serious hard times.

In order to help some of our friends on the retail / rental side, we began introducing store owners to each other so that cash strapped stores could liquidate inventory.

It was around this time that we received a phone call that planted the seed for what is today.  The call was from a small store owner who had been evicted and locked out. The landlord had scheduled a dumpster and a crew to go in and remove everything inside. ~ You have to love NY Business tactics. To us this meant a rather large collection of media was being sentenced to death by dumpster. More frustrating was that this media collection was in wonderful condition and belonged in peoples personal collection instead of a garbage dump.

We quickly contacted the landlord and worked out a deal where he allowed our team to go in and remove the media.  We were able to keep everything out of the landfill.  We cleaned and restored what we could and the pile of media that was too damaged to fix, we processed for recycling. We took out a lot of VHS and Books since we promised to remove everything.  The VHS were donated to a local Goodwill and the books where donated to the a Library.  What a wonderful feeling to know that we gave everything we could a good home and then properly recycled the rest in order to help keep our landfills empty.

From that point forward, has evolved into a company that continues to help distressed stores and studios. But we are also more aware about, and reach out to, people throwing media in the garbage. We work hard to get involved on a local level in order to keep media out of landfills.   What can't be fixed, gets recycled, what can be fixed gets a second chance to entertain a new owner and find a home on the shelf where it's once again appreciated.

Financial Donations:

I LOVE WHAT YOU'RE DOING BUT DON'T HAVE ANY MEDIA TO DONATE AT THIS TIME.  IS THERE A WAY THAT I CAN DONATE MONEY TO HELP YOUR PROGRAM CONTINUE TO PROTECT OUR LANDFILLS? : >>> Yes ...  Please...  Most of what we do is a labor of love but unfortunately it does costs a good deal of money to be able to offer our free service. You can help us immensely by donating any amount that you're comfortable donating. No amount is too small or too big.  Funds are used to help minimize the amount of collections thrown in to the garbage or donated before removing damaged media, which in the end gets thrown into the garbage.   There are costs involved in restoring media so that it can be enjoyed once again and there are costs involved with preparing damaged media so that it gets recycled properly. 

To make a quick donation, please click on this Paypal link

Thank you for any amount that you can give.  Your donations help us to help others reduce their carbon footprint.

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